Author: Yvonne Wade

Stay busy

Stay busy

Why do we feel that being rich means having a lot? I think it is because being rich means you have a lot you can do. The human species and anything alive in general wants to move around and express its existence. It is an innate characteristic of living organisms to experience and share their liveliness. If you think about it, what else can we do? What else can we feel suppose to do? Not moving, dreaming or expressing is the same as not living life and not being alive. Think about the fear people have for getting stuck in an elevator compared to being lost in a desert. The setting that an elevator provides is very limited. It closes in your minds boundaries. There are only so many things you can do to try and get out before you have to accept the limits. A boxed in mind is a frigh...

Effective ways to fix resume formatting mistakes

Creating a great resume is the first step into landing that job. Employers receive so many applicants for one opening that they just don’t have time to read it all. A brief glance at your resume will let them know if you’re fit or not for the position so you have to be sure that what you submit is interesting and error-free. Keep reading to find out the most common resume writing mistakes and how to prevent them. 1. Avoid typos and grammatical errors It can sound tempting to just let it go - a wrong comma here, a misspelt word there, but these things can affect how a potential employer will see you. They can draw up conclusions like a lack of ability to write or not paying attention to small details. 2. Hobbies and interests Companies don’t care if you like Harry Potter, bask

The Best Way to Get Yourself Motivated for School or Anything, Really

It’s getting close to the end of the semester. There are only a couple more weeks of classes, then finals, then we’re FREEEEE! But we have to get through the most terrible time of the year before we can get to the most wonderful time of the year (heh heh). These last few weeks are littered with term papers, projects, tests, homework overloads, and…EXAMS. This is where the proverbial rubber meet the road. Where we sink or swim. If we stop now, all of the work we’ve done up to this point amounts to nil. Staying motivated at a time like this is quite the challenge. When everything builds up and you’d just rather give up, here’s what you should think about… What you really need You don’t really need motivation to get to the end of the semester. Yes, I meant to say that. I’ll sa

Parenting-Helping Your Teenage Child Study Effectively

If you have children, particularly teenage children, then you likely already know how difficult it can be to get them to actually sit down and study or do homework. They can think of every excuse in the book, and list a million other things that have to be done now, rather than their homework. It can be an all out battle at your home just trying to convince your teen to study, but there are some things you do that will make this easier for you. You will have to learn to be firm, and be willing to follow thru with what you say, but you can get past the daily homework battles if you wish to do so.   Start talking to your teen about school in the summer, at least two weeks or so before the first day. Try not to lecture to your child, as they will only tune you out, but you do need to ta

How Your Child’s Learning Style Can Impact Study Habits

In order for your child to be successful in school, he or she must do the homework and projects that are assigned, as well as study for all tests and exams, especially in middle and high school. The information being taught during these years is the foundation for academic studies your child may have in college, and may use on the job later in life. Once your child turns into a teenager, you probably have already been able to determine his or her individual learning style. To help your child study and learn the material being presented to them, you should think about their learning style, and help them build their study habits around that style.   Some children can’t study effectively unless the room is completely silent, while others procrastinate until the last minute, and then rus

Adult Education

In my opinion, the many benefits of adult education are often neglected by the population as a whole. I teach adult and continuing education classes at a local adult resource center, so I know what I am talking about a little bit. There are all kinds of adult classes geared towards the different needs of different learners. Some adult courses are there simply for fun. There are many people who take pottery making, foreign language classes, literature courses, computer literacy classes, and other adult education courses just for the simple pleasure of it. This is a great way to keep your mind sharp and learn new skills as you get older. Other people have a more serious purpose for adult education classes. Many of them are used as job training courses to help people keep up with the latest t...